Tuesday, April 17, 2012

CatHead biscuits are catchin' on

At first we were worried how folks would take our name. We knew that we would be explaining our name til the cow's came home. After four and a half years of doing our thing, people are catchin' on to CatHead biscuits. Who doesn't like a warm, fluffy, flaky buttery biscuit that's as big as a cat head and is served with some honey butter & pepper jelly??? Since opening in January we have produced nearly 1500 CatHead biscuits and over 9000 mini CatHead biscuits.

A huge Thank you!

It's simply amazing how busy we are. We cannot believe how many people are coming in to eat.  We feel like we are converting droves of Big Nate's loyal customers. All we can say is THANK YOU!!! to all who have supported us.